Praxis Submission Process


Criminal Justice Praxis is a refereed, peer-reviewed online journal that publishes articles pertaining to criminal justice issues. Criminal Justice Praxis serves as a vehicle to showcase scholarship from OCCJE members that seeks to increase our knowledge of criminal justice. In order to reflect the capacity of OCCJE in melding the efforts of academicians, practitioners, and students, Criminal Justice Praxis seeks quality manuscripts from members of these groups. Submissions from the Midwestern United States in-particular are welcomed.

The purpose of this journal is to provide information for those interested in criminal justice issues. Although the editorial board of Criminal Justice Praxis diligently reviews submissions, the responsibility for the accuracy and integrity of submissions is the author(s) and not that of the Criminal Justice Praxis editorial board or any member of the board or membership of OCCJE. Criminal Justice Praxis will not hold the copyright of articles submitted or published in Criminal Justice Praxis.

Praxis will have two issues per calendar year, Spring and Winter. Manuscripts should be submitted as either a Word file or PDF document to the editor via email

Praxis follows other criminal justice journals in terms of American Psychological Association (APA) format. Consult CitationMachine or APA Style for advice on APA issues.